What is the Zont Deck?


The Zont Deck is the first import from the Planet Zont. It’s a card game system with a modern twist. Like our Earth deck the Zont Deck is a platform for any number of games, all of which are featured here on this site. What makes the Zont Deck different is that it introduces gameplay mechanics as an integral part of its design. Colors, numbers, suits and mechanics now mingle to create fresh and modern games. Easy to pick up and play, Zont Deck games offer new possibilities to card game lovers.

Tell me more!

The Zont Deck is a 55-card deck. It has three colors with 5 unique suits of 11 cards each. Each suit has three sets of 1, 2, 3 and one zero and one four, instead of 2 through Ace like our Deck.

The suits of the deck however are where the it really stands out. Each suit represents a gameplay mechanic that manifests itself differently depending on the game being played.

The Zont Deck Suit Chart

What games are there?

There are many games for the Zont Deck featured in the menu to the right. But, if you’d like, the game Ladder is a great place to start.

Can I make games for it?

YES! We would absolutely love to hear from you. This site needs more games created by you.  That goes for House Rules too. If you have a House Rule, or a Variation for any of the rules to the pre-existing games just post them in the comments section of those pages. Email any thoughts, concepts, ideas to kevin@zontco.com.

So what’s the story behind the Deck?

The best place to start learning more about the story behind the Zont Deck is to learn about the Suits. The suits are all important pieces of Zont culture.  If you would like, start here with the Art suit.