There is no commercial way to visit the planet Zont just yet. But that’s not to say there will never be one. This list is comprised of the Humans who stood up and said “Yes, alien games sound awesome!” when others thought things like “pff silly business”, or “wtz’s bro?” (where’s the zombies bro?) ¬†For this, those people below are the first in line to visit the planet Zont*.

A list known as The Waiting List to Visit the Planet Zont, or sometimes referred to as Cool Humans You Probably Should Get to Know Since You’re Human And They Have First Dibs At Visiting Alien Worlds. List.

Nicole Salerno
Gavin Schmitt
Mike Ceaser
Scott Huyser
Peter Meagher
Linda Stuart
Travis Mueller
Michael Ennis
Nick Montgomery
Henry Birdseye
Joshua Turner
Kevin Schantz
Nate Herrmann
Ian Fried
Carl Greenblatt
Dan Warner
Elizabeth Walko
Andrea Lucman
Greg Vokoun
Andrew Bartels
David Fair
Jim Otto
leslie barkley
Ness Morris
Curtis Pittman
Higashi Yoka
Andrew Barton
Joe Cannon
David Bryant
Che Smith
Allison Creely
Jesse Lefkowitz
Matthew X. Petty
David Turner
Andrew Williams
Joseph Miragliuolo
Alex Geray
Kevin Becker
Jared Eggers
Jason Brower
Jesse Armstrong
Rudee Wongsa
Aisha Twells
Melissa Nicholson
Kyle Murphy
Shane Donat
Ken Kurzawa
William Pasquin

Richard Mulholland
Marc J. Kolb
Marc Kusnierz
Steven Dast
Remy Gibson
Jonathan Cohn
Dylan Knox
Alicia Hansen
Amanda Taylor
Osvaldo Rivera
Nate Hendon
Steven Lord
Neil Brock
Kyle Risner
Bennet Rosenthal
Tu Nguyen
Peter Szameitat
Zach Gauci
Daniel Sher
Conrad Miszuk
Scott Snider
Chancius Drzewucki
Ed Kowalczewski
Wendy Hadley
John Beynon
Dan Shurpik
Zac Wilson
John Stryker
Nick Farris
Peter Endean
Jason Martin
Derek Hohls
Ken Maher
Phil Bannister
Patrick Timmons
Claudio Manco
Julie Yi-Fan Lee
Carmine Migliore
Henrik Horneber
Shawn Side Quests Shawn Kavanagh
Toby Coates
Scott Fogg
Thomas S Darragh
Chris Smolen
Jeremy Rowland
Kathryn Reindl
Keith Koleno
Michael Edens
Sasaki Chasofito
Seth Behnke
Christopher Matheis
Amanda Strong
Almost Human
Zoe Olivia Kimpton
Fancy Free Bakery
Eddie Churchill
Jay Brooks
Robert McClarren
Christopher Carl Relitz
Matthew Russell
Kari Dayton
Ryan Peraro
Aaron Kotte
Jim Millis
Kirsty Coates
Zach Dietz
Stephen Kong
Christian Nord
Simon Hunt
Benjamin Hendy
Laura Drew
Leeann Shepherd
Maureen Connolly
Chen Xinwen
Barry Moore
Favorable Mutation
Jeremy Emmi
Travis Lacelle
Dan Roth
Shari Spiro

*Just a reminder that there is no actual way for you to visit the planet Zont yet.**

** And when there is one, you will still need to present your FREE TICKET in order to enjoy a free round-trip experience. Otherwise you will have to pay full price.***

*** No idea on how much it costs yet. Probably a lot.