The Art Suit

For the most part, and to make this post shorter rather than epic, we will say the Zonts are basically not war-like creatures. Their history is punctuated by long periods of peace. This peace wasn’t entirely of their own volition, but that’s another story. I do believe that this forced a transfer of energy from violence to creation. Whether it was building, telling a story or painting, bringing something new into existence became one of the primary pillars of their culture.  You could say that creation is one of our pillars as well, but think of it this way – we have a name for people that create here on Earth, they are called Creatives. On Zont, they’re called Zonts.

This need, drive, passion for creating has placed a value upon the things they make that transcends any functional value like currency. They literally adore and revere everything they create around them and it’s this appreciation that made me realize that I couldn’t call the suit Creation. It had to be called Art.


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