You have a stall at the Intergalactic Bazaar. Stock your shelves with the goods your customers need to score the most points.

Be the first to play the required number of each color of card to cause a scoring round.

Remove all the Favors ( ) from the deck except for the 0 and the 4. Shuffle the cards you removed and draw randomly from them until you find three different colors. Place these three cards in the middle of the table between the players. These are the customers of the Bazaar. Shuffle ALL Favors back into the deck. Deal each player 5 cards from the deck and place the remainder of the deck next to the Favors piles.

The play area should look something like this:


Players barter for the ability to go first. Or use your favorite random way to determine who goes first.

Starting with the first player, each player will take turns until the last card is drawn from the Deck. After that one more turn is taken by each player, ending with the player who drew the last card.

During your turn (in this order):

1. Play 1 card to either start or add to the appropriate color pile in front of you. (each player should end up with three color piles in front of them)
2. Use that suits power.
3. If the amount of cards in each of your three piles is equal to the number value’s of their respective Favor pile in the Bazaar, then you have triggered a SCORING round (see pic B.)
4. If there are still cards in the Deck, draw back up to 5 and pass the turn.

When 1 player ends their turn with the correct amount of each color, players collect their points starting with that player. That player may put all of their face-up cards face-down into their score pile (see Fig. B).

Each other player evaluates their three color piles. If you have more cards in one of your piles then the value of it’s matching Favors pile, then…starting with the highest valued card, remove cards from that pile until there is the correct number of cards remaining. You then place the cards you removed face-up on your score pile. Those will count as negative points for you at the end of the game.

After all the cards have been cleared, play continues with the next player.

Wilds (0,4) can be played on any of your piles. And they can start any color pile for you.

When the last card is drawn from the Deck, one more turn is given to each player, ending with the player who drew the last card. Cards on the table are then scored as if a set were made. Players total the numerical values of the cards facedown in their score pile minus the value of the cards that were face-up. The player with the most points is the Master Merchant!

Each of the 5 suits of the Zont deck has a special power. Use these when you play a card on a color pile.

ART (+) : You may lay down an additional card this turn of the same color of this card (Do not use that card’s power) It may be of any suit, including Favors, which would be placed on the corresponding Favors color pile.

CHANGE (-) : You may pick up the top card of any pile on the table that matches the color of this card, unless it’s the last card in that pile. You cannot pick up a card in a pile that is covered by another card.

FAVORS (four dots) : You must play this card on it’s matching Favors pile. This action could cause a scoring round.

GREAT ZONT (single dot) : Cannot be affected by CHANGE or a GIGLET acting as CHANGE.

GIGLETS (infinity) : You must choose to take on and use the power of the suit this is played upon. This suit cannot be played onto a Favors pile.


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