And finally…the Giglets.

Ok, so remember how I’ve said that the Zonts are unwarlike? There is a bit of irony to that statement. While they swing towards peace, there has been war in their past. Many different types of war. The last one was over a hundred years ago and it ended with the Zonts begrudgingly declaring tolerance. This tolerance turned into acceptance and then love for some Zonts. For others it stayed, well, tolerance. It’s remembered as the Year of the Giglet. And it stands in Zont history as a testament to accepting the unchangeable. Or as some Zonts have called it, the inevitable. You see, Giglets are small furry rodent-like animals with a sex drive that makes rabbits look like monks. They are everywhere and everywhere is Giglets. 

At the time of the Year of the Giglet, Zont society was booming along in an industrial age. They were growing exponentially and at the same time experimenting with processed foods.  New candies, cheeses, fruit and meat concoctions were the rage. This influx of food brought the Giglets out of the wilds that surrounded their cities. At first the Giglets weren’t a problem. They were annoying sometimes, but not dirty. In fact they kept the floors in the homes clean. But then Giglets started exploding. No one knew why, but they didn’t like fur balls erupting into flames underneath their kitchen tables.

Extermination wasn’t really an option unless they wanted burn down the cities. They couldn’t just shut them out either, Giglet bones are practically elastic. A determined Giglet can get into any home. Packing up and leaving was voted down as well.

One Zont spoke up and suggested they leave piles of food just outside the city. While the Giglets fed they would build a wall to keep them out.  Even now the Zonts will say that it wasn’t a bad idea necessarily. But he didn’t end up becoming a Great Zont from it. It was that day that they realized the effect that certain foods have on Giglets. Especially processed foods. It evolves them. Rapidly and randomly. As they watched Giglets explode, double in size, sprout wings and fly over them back into the city, they knew they weren’t going to win this one.

Today the Zonts have learned to live with the Giglets. They don’t feed them. And the Giglets keep their floors clean. The Zonts are contently conquered peoples.