The Great Zonts

As far as I know the Zonts do not have a word for “worship.” There are only two things that come close to being worthy of such a word. There is a race of beings on Zont called the Agarods that have acted as a source of parental guidance throughout the Zonts evolution and there are The Great Zonts. Paragons of Zont culture, the Great Zonts are Zonts that have become earmarks in their peoples history. These weren’t emperors or conquerors, they represent ideas and concepts that drove Zonts forward under the guiding eye of the Agarods.

When I questioned the Great Zont suit’s lack of power, the Zonts explained it to me like this. An idea that can change the world will come from one, but to make it happen you must have the many, and once it’s set free it can never be taken back. Which is why the Favors suit will change the game state, and the Great Zont suit is immune.

The last Great Zont brought the idea of Zontco, the governing body of the Zont people. I call it a corporation because that’s how it acts in my eyes. Every Zont works at Zontco. Every Zont is a shareholder. There a hundreds of divisions that handle every aspect of their society. This Earth office is actually overseen by the Zontco Gaming Division. Because of Zontco (and more specifically the Zontco Dimensional Division) this Earth office is actually a reality.