When I wrote about the Art suit I mentioned that the Zonts are not a war-like society. I think the concept of Favors is definitely a reason why they have remained so. Earth currency was by and large founded on gold. Zont currency was founded on favors they owe each other. It’s got to be hard to want to fight or harm someone who owes you a favor. A social bond of the highest order, this favor system was then used to barter for food, goods and everything else. The system grew and evolved into a stone currency and then into a plastic that they use today.

I have noticed that there is something deeper at play with this currency as well. The Zonts have a concept that resembles our Karma wearing a Feng Shui dress that weaves it way in and out of the favors system. It’s like an energy that they can anticipate and understand the patterns behind. The way they do business with each other, it’s as if they’re are moving themselves around a chess board, but I’m not sure who they are playing against because I’m pretty sure they’re all on the same team. They are lining themselves up to make angles that produce the best outcome for everyone. In both a business and personal way. ¬†Every transaction, service, sale or deal benefits the community as a whole. I’ve asked the Zonts about it and they were delighted that I had picked up on it, but they didn’t admit to any active role in it. It’s as if the community is self-aware, and the energy is an intelligence or conscience or both.¬†

And here I am, having a respectable amount of favors banked on Zont I somehow feel that this energy is at play right now flowing out with every letter I type to you.