“The Zont is considerably stubborn about always changing.” – Old Zont saying

The Zont in this saying is referring to their planet. Yes, they call it the Zont and they the Zonts. Until they were capable of manipulating and regulating it, the planet’s weather was chaotic at best. While they were sheltered beneath the fronds of the Great Jungle, the storms, rains, gas and fire could still change their whole world in the blink of an eye. Couple that with a few animal or reptilian species that can spontaneously mutate and you got yourselves a melting pot of WTF.

However, Zonts will readily tell you that they attribute a lot of their advancement as a species to the unpredictable nature of their surroundings. They were raised to revere Change in all forms. They do not attribute it to a divine plan, fate or even the chaos of luck, but choose rather to accept it as a constant in and of itself. That doesn’t mean they necessarily like it, some forms of Change are better than others. In most cases, Change means loss.

I would like to note that these suits, and what they’re called in english, are largely dependent on my own vocabulary. The actual name for this suit and it’s meaning loses a tiny bit in translation.