Unlock the secrets of the Zont culture and manipulate them to be the first to open the door to Zont!

Change the value of the piles in the middle of the table to make the suits you collect worth more and your opponents’  worth less.

Remove the five zeros from the deck and create five piles in the middle of the table. Lay the Giglets in the center. Then lay the Great Zonts and Favors at North and South. Art and Change are West and East.  Then shuffle the deck, deal each player 5 cards and place the remainder of the deck next to the zero piles. The player who has been to Zont the most goes first. Or use your favorite random way to determine who goes first.



Starting with the first player, each player will take turns until one player has no cards left in their hand and there are no cards left in the deck.

During your turn (in this order):

1. Play any 1 card from your hand onto its matching suit pile in the middle of the table.
2. You MAY use that suits power.
3. Play any 1 card from your hand onto your own score pile in front of you. The top card (and only the top card) should always be visible.
4. Draw back up to 5 cards in your hand and pass your turn to the next player.

The first time a player cannot draw cards from the deck begins the final round. During the final round players may only play ONE card each turn. They must decide between placing the card in the middle or their score pile. They also can no longer refresh their cards from the deck at the end of their turn.

The first player to end their turn with no cards in hand during the final round ends the game. Remaining cards in players hands are discarded and no longer counted.

Players receive points for each card in their score pile. The amount of points each card is worth is determined by the top card on that Suit’s pile. So if there’s a 3 on the Art pile at the end of the game, then all ART in ALL score piles are worth 3 each. Most total points in a score pile opens the door to Zont and wins!

Each of the 5 suits of the Zont deck has a special power. Use these when you play a card on it’s suit pile.

ART  (+) : Lay another card of the same color from your hand onto it’s suit pile (But don’t use it’s power)

CHANGE (-) : Pick up and keep any top card of the same color. However, there must always be at least one card in a suit pile.

FAVORS (four dots) : Shuffle one pile and turn up a new card on that pile randomly.

GREAT ZONT (single dot) : Cannot be affected by a CHANGE or GIGLET acting as a CHANGE.

GIGLETS (infinity) : Choose and use any other pile’s power.