Zod Pod

created by Odd Hackwelder

Players: 2-5

You are in deep space and your ship is on fire. You grab your crew and properly distribute the components needed to send the safety pods into space. The first one to use all of their components and help complete the pods, wins.

Additional Components: 3 chips or tokens of some sort.


The person who was most recently in another country goes first. The person to their right is the dealer.

Deal out all the cards. If there are extra cards (1 card for 3 players, 2 cards for 5) set them aside. The first person to “PASS” is required to take one extra card, if there is one. If they can play it, they can. You will want to sort your hand by suits.


A completed POD consists of a 0 and 4 in the center (one of which crossed over the other) and three piles of 1,2,3 on three sides of the 0 and 4. These are called the Sections of the POD. One side/section of the 0+4 is always empty for all the PODs.




As the game progresses, there will be 5 PODs, one of each suit in the center of the table. You can start a pod by placing a 0 or a 4 of a particular suit on the table. Which ever is placed first, 0 or 4, determines the order in which cards can be placed in the three Sections around that card.

If a 0 is placed, the order in which cards can be added to any of the Sections of that POD is 1, 2, 3.

If a 4 is placed, the order in which cards can be added to any of the Sections of that POD is 3, 2, 1.

A 4 can be played onto a 0 and vice versa. When this happens, the top card is turned to create a cross to indicate that both 0 and 4 are present. At that point, the order in which the cards can be added to any of the Sections is completely open.


The very first person to play must place a 0 or 4 of any suit. If they can’t they PASS. Once a player places the first 0 or 4 of any suit play continues clockwise.

During your turn you play one card down to either start or add to a section of a POD.

When you complete a Section of a POD (ie. Play the 3rd card on any of the three piles around a 0 or a 4), you get the power from that suit to use immediately.

Once a pod is completed (when all three Sections have 3 cards, and the 0 AND 4 are present) turn over the cards and shoot it off into space. Swoosh sound optional.

Example Pods



Play continues around the table till one person is out of cards, then that player wins.

Each of the 5 suits of the Zont deck has a special power. Use these when you complete a section of a POD.

ART (+) : Take one card at random from the player of your choice.

CHANGE (-) : Give one card to the player of your choice.

FAVORS (four dots) : Change the direction of play until changed again by another FAVORS action.

THE GREAT ZONT (single dot) : Get a chip. This chip can be used once to decline any action by an opponent at any time.

GIGLETS (infinity) : Wild. Choose what action to play from the above powers.


You want hold the cards in your hand that keep others from playing and that you don’t have any of. If you have 0 and 4 of one suit and you don’t have 1,2,3 of that suit, you can hold it till you made all other possible plays. This will give you a big advantage.