Great Zonts!

Players: 2-4

The Great Zonts are paragons of their people. Great minds that shine like beacons in the Zont history books. Who knows what forces must clash together to produce these great Zonts. Be those forces and collect the most valuable Great Zonts to win**.


The wisest person goes first. If you’re not playing with anyone wise, use your favorite random way to determine who goes first.

Remove all cards of the Great Zont suit (single dot) from the deck. Shuffle these cards and place them as their own deck to one side of the center of the table. Shuffle the remaining cards and deal each player 3 cards from that deck. Place this main deck face down on the opposite side of the Great Zont deck in the center of the table.

Turn over the first card of the Great Zont deck.


The game is won by collecting the Great Zont cards. There will always be 1 Great Zont card turned up on the Great Zont deck. Once the last Great Zont is taken the game is over and points are tallied. Each Great Zont card is worth it’s value in points. A zero is worth 1 point.

The color and value of a Great Zont card tells you how many cards of that color you must turn in to collect that card.  A 2 Blue Great Zont takes 2 blue cards. A 4 Great Zont takes 4 cards of any single color.

Starting with the first player, play continues clockwise.

During your turn (in this order):

1. Draw 1 card (or draw up to 3 if you have less than 3 cards at the start of your turn)
2. You MAY Play 1 card NOT of the visible Great Zont’s color and use it’s power (see suit powers below)
3. You MAY Play X cards of the same color of the visible Great Zont. X is the value of the Great Zont. All Great Zont cards go into your score pile and are not used or needed the rest of the game. You may only claim 1 Great Zont per turn. To collect a wild Great Zont you must have all the required number of cards of any color. (Zeros count as 1).
4. All cards played are placed in the discard pile at the end of your turn. Then pass your turn to the next player.


If the main deck runs out, shuffle the discard pile back into it.


The game ends immediately when the last Great Zont is taken. Players tally up the values of the Great Zonts they have collected. Highest number wins.

Each of the 5 suits of the Zont deck has a special power. Use this power

ART (+) : Draw X cards from the main deck where X is the value of the card played.

CHANGE (-) : Cause a player of your choice to randomly discard X cards where X is the value of the card played.

FAVORS (four dots) :  Starting with the top Great Zont, uncover cards from the Great Zont deck equal to X, where X is the value of the card played. The player may choose one of the cards uncovered (including the original) to be the new face up card, placing the others face down on the bottom of the Great Zont Deck.  The player may then play a set of the appropriate color cards to claim that Great Zont.

GIGLETS (infinity) : Choose any of the above powers and use it with the value of this card.


All zeros are considered a value of 1. A Great Zont zero is worth 1 point.

** I came up with the idea of this game while I was creating custom Great Zont decks for the Zont Deck Kickstarter rewards. The premise is a little sacrilegious but the Zonts have a great sense of humor. That and I explained it rather loosely to them. For the record, you would never really consider a Great Zont collectible outside of a card game premise.