We bring our joy of gaming to Earth.

We are game lovers, players, creators, importer and exporters. When we’re sitting at a board waiting for our turn, our minds are calm and the world is peaceful. Unless that one player does that one thing that totally screws up our next move …… but ….. it’s still a good place to be.

What is this Zontco?

Zontco LLC is the first Earth office of the governing corporate body of the planet Zont.

It is interplanetary goodwill masked as good old-fashioned foreign commerce. We are bringing you Zont-born games or creating new Zont/Earth hybrids for you to enjoy.

What is a Zont?

The Zonts are the peaceful caretakers of the planet Zont. The Zonts absolutely love gaming. They find great joy in it, and I think we share that joy and this might be a great way for our two cultures to meet. The Zonts are good people and they, for lack of a better metaphor, want to stick their pinky toes into the waters of interspecies diplomacy by opening up a satellite franchise.

Ok, so what have you got?

I’m so glad you asked. Our first product, successfully Kickstarted in early 2014, is the Zont Deck. The Zont Deck is not only a piece of Zont culture, but a game system not unlike our Earth deck of cards. It’s more than just one game, it’s a doorway to infinite games. Learn more about the deck here!

Our next game is I Lost My Journal on Zont, a story-telling group game that has you and your friends remembering a trip to the planet Zont. This game was created by me and my Zont friends for the 2014 Game Chef game design contest. We had 9 days and 4 ingredients, and we made it all the way to being a finalist and a rare Runner-Up to the winner. Before we Kickstart the game however, we’d like to have more people play it and provide feedback. If you’re interested, please email kevin@zontco.com.